Rainbow VSquillions

Available for adoption now and forever

~New never before Angel VSquillions available~

When I arrived at the VSquillion Shelter today I had a wonderful surprise. Our expected litter of Angel VSquillions had arrived early! The delivery man said that with so many of our loved furries running off to the bridge a rush was put on shipping the Angel VSquillions to the shelter so they would arrive quickly.
If you are wanting to adopt an Angel VSquillion here is what you need to do:
Leave information as a comment
1. Name of your VSquillion
2. Which one you are wanting to adopt
3. The name of the adopter (probably you)
4. The URL where the VSquillion will live
5. Your email address so I can send your VSquillion to you
6. Must provide a loving home
You will soon receive your Angel VSquillion so that you can put him/her on your blog. Your Angel VSquillion will be registered at a later time. Sometimes the records department gets behind so please be patient if you don't see your name on the list right away.
Be on the lookout for your Angel VSquillion to arrive at your place, it could take a few days or even longer as I am thinking there will probably be many requests for  Angel VSquillions adoptions so things might get busy at the shelter.
If you requested an Angel VSquillion and did not receive one in a month please email me and let me know.  Sometimes there can be mix ups at the shelter.
~NOTE: Angel VSquillions will be available for adoptions at any time.


  1. 1. Isatis
    2. Blue
    3. Adopted by Hisia Bleue and Nat à Chat
    4. http://abyssinneprincesse.blogspot.fr
    5. hisiableue@gmail.com
    We will love this Blue Angel with all our hart. She will become french !
    Douce journée.
    Nat à Chat

  2. Isatis is soon to arrive at your place. Expect arrival April 21.