New VSquillions Soon To Arrive

Awaiting the arrival of a new batch of VSquillions.
With our adoptions last month the shelter is closed while we await the arrival of another batch of VSquillions that will be available for adoption soon. Ann from Zoolatry is helping to make sure that they arrive here at the shelter. Keep an eye out because when the new ones arrive an announcement will be made on CB and once again the shelter will be open to taking your requests.
Last month we had our Angel VSquillions for adoptions and I am happy to report that we placed 59 Angel VSquillions in loving homes.
If you put in a request for an Angel VSquillion last month and did not receive him or her please email me, Gracie, and let me know. Sometimes there can be mix ups at the shelter.


  1. At this time the shelter is closed for adoptions. We are waiting for a new batch of VSquillions to be available for adoption. I will let you know as soon as they arrive.

    Please do not request an adoption until the sweet ones arrive.

  2. Everything looks pawsome Gracie! The Hotties seend purrrrs!

  3. Thanks Robyn and a big THANK YOU to Ann for getting the shelter and the new VSquillions all set!!