Angel, Missy You & Regular VSquillions Available For Adoption

Angel, Missy You, & Regular VSquillions available for adoption now and furever.

Regular VSquillions
Green, White, Grey, Pink, Brown, Black, Orange, & Purple

Angel VSquillion to remember your sweet one that has gone to the bridge.

Missy You VSquillion available for your little one that has left you.

VSquillions needing a loving home ready to be adopted.

* * * To Get Yours Own VSquilion * * *

Leaf a comment here or Email Graice telling us...
1. Which VSquillion you are adoptin, Angel, Missy You, or Regular
2. A Name ur yours VSquilion
3. Color of ur VSquillion - Missy You comes only in one color
4. Tha name of adopter (probably you)
5. Tha URL where tha noo VSquillion will live
6. An email so we can send it to you

You will soon receive a photo of ur noo VSquillion so that you can put it on urs bloggie or web site.

VSquillions will be regisetered at a later time. The records department is behind and hopes to catch up on this soon.

Iffen you don't hear from us in a few days, email an let us know! Email link is on sidebar for Gracie.

We's might haf decided to take a nap or be out chasing bugs or sumfing and forgot!t's happened!

If you haf any questshuns, need help or haf a suggestshun, let us know.

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